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    Talking Namebank Game...Using my fave name list!

    I've seen a few of these lately and I thought that it would be fun to start one myself .

    LN: Your choice.
    DW: Use your initials.
    DH: Your choice.

    DS: Avery, Bennett, Silas, Rowan, Coen
    DD/DD: Lia, Marisol, Daphne, Fern, Felicity, Sage, Indigo
    DD: Isobel, Katherine, Ivy, Arianwen, Ella, Saskia, Seraphine
    DD: Iris, Ella, Arianne, Aurelia, Katarina, Thalia, Rosalia, Annie, Bay
    DD: Naomi, Vionnet, Aeliana, Wren, Sofia, Nola, Quinn
    DS: Matthias, Archer, Avery, Harbor, Leo, Kendall, Max, Hugo
    DD: Thisbe, Beatrix, Cecily, Alexandra, Annie, Ione, Cassia, Liliana, Ida

    Hope you liked it...I might make more if I have more time !
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