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    Identical Twin Boys!!!

    Help! I need help naming our identical twin boys due in February. They have a sister named Sutton and our last name is Gray. Here is our current list. I need help with middle names too. Let me know what you think!

    Calder and Sawyer
    Maz and Xander
    Brooks and Parks
    Calder and Bauer
    Abbott and Rhett
    Mercer and Bauer
    Abbott and Ansel

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    What about Ansel and Calder for twin brothers? Are you into artist names?
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    Congrats on your twins! Yes, they may be identical but always remember that they're separate individuals. Your twin names are a bit too matchy for my taste.

    If I could mix and match...

    Ansel and Calder
    Abbott and Sawyer
    Brooks and Rhett
    Abbott and Mercer

    Most of your names are surnames so I think a more traditional male name is best in the middle spot. Do you have any male family members you would like to honour with the mn's. Here are some examples below.

    Ansel Theodore
    Calder Sebastian
    Abbott Raphael
    Mercer Timothy
    Brooks Nathaniel
    Sawyer John
    Rhett Solomon
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    I'll jump on board and say Ansel and Calder would be really nice.

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    Personally, I'd mix and match some of these (and maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't wanna use the name Abbott in a twin set, too Abbott and Costello esque for me). My favorite of your name choices are: Ansel (great name!), Rhett, Calder and Xander. I'd probably go with Ansel and Rhett or Ansel and Calder

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