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    Caspian Arlo
    Caspian Digory (too much Narnia though?)
    Caspian Fergus
    Caspian Gaius
    Capisan Hugo
    Caspian Walter

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    So I took the list to my husband and we went over each of the names. He likes:
    Severus instead of Lucius, because he says if we're going to use a Slytherin name it needs to be a good one. I am not too keen on Severus myself.

    These are the ones I like. He didn't veto these, but he isn't crazy about them either:
    Tempest instead of Prospero

    Can you guys think of any more suggestions along these lines? I really feel like we're making progress, because that discussion was the best one we've had on the subject of names! I think it's easier for him to express his opinions when I didn't necessarily come up with the name myself

    ottilie: Nemo wasn't his real name, but it was what he was called. Sucks, because I LOVE the name and the Jules Verne connection. I really like Caspian Sparrow, but my husband thinks it's an awesome name just not for a child. I am ALWAYS open to more suggestions!

    peppersprout: I love Arlo and Hugo, but Hubs does not. I agree that Digory is too much Narnia Fergus unfortunately makes me think of fungus. I think Walter and Gaius are lovely names, just not for me Thank you so much for your suggestions!
    Zion Nathaniel ~ Solomon Fable ~ Balthazar Wolf ~ Malachi Sparrow nn Kai ~ Tobias Rowan ~ Caspian _____
    Alice Willow ~ Ophelia Wren ~ Juliet Snow ~ Lucia Pearl ~ Eve Wisteria nn Evie ~ Cosima Rose ~ River Seraphine ~ Elowen Briar

    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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    Okay, I'll give it another go:

    You can't use Nemo, so...
    Caspian Arronax
    Caspian Pierre
    Caspian Phileas
    Caspian Maury
    Caspian Jules or Caspian Verne could be nice too!

    Caspian Benedick
    Caspian Tybalt
    Caspian Edmund (I know he was super evil, but still...)

    Do you need a Slytherin character? You could do Caspian Regulus, Sirius' brother, he was a good guy in the end.

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    I like
    Caspian Malachi
    Caspian Severus
    Caspian Silver

    From Mr Verne:
    Caspian Phileas
    Caspian Cyrus
    Caspian Kip ..a strange tale, but I like the sound of this name.

    And randomly:
    Caspian Zephyr

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    Ha! Ottilie- didn't see your suggestion of Phileas. Yes it has a nice ring.

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