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    Savannah or Carolina?



    Does Nameberry have a poll feature?


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    You can definitely post a poll! Before you submit your thread there is a box to check and it takes you to another screen to put your poll up. You can lock this one and start a new one if you want, or keep this one going.

    And my vote is Carolina

    EDIT: Better advice found in ashthedreamer's post!
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    Savannah is fantastic. Sav/Savvy is a great NN

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    If you go to the top of the thread, you can click on "Thread Options" and there will be a link to "Add a Poll". Just follow the instructions.

    For what it's worth, I like Savannah's nns (Savvy, Ava, Annie, Vannah, etc.) more, but I prefer Carolina, personally. Love Carolina nn Cara.
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    Carolina. Savannah is overused and blahh
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