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    Vintage/Classic vs Quirky/Unusual

    In the past few weeks, my taste in names has transitioned from vintage and classic names {eg. Violet, Alice, Henry} to more unusual names {eg. Zola, Nephele, Amadeus}. I like both but part of the reason I started looking for more uncommon names because the vintage name trend seems to be more popular here in the UK, and most of the vintage names that I like were way too popular for me. Below are lists of names from either style, I just want your thoughts on each list and which list you prefer overall.

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    My taste is similar. However, I think the names on your Quirky list are a bit too quirky for me.
    Do you like variations of the Vintage names?
    Violet - Violetta for example

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    I like names from both of your lists.
    From your vintage list I love Alice and Hugo, I really like Willem. I dislike Violet; Violette/Violetta/Viola/Fioled are so much more interesting.

    From your quirky list I love Illyria, Tempest, Ulysses and Ivo. I don't like Loki at all, I don't get why anyone would name their child after a cruel and horrible mythological character. Overall I prefer this list.

    Have you checked out She's got some amazing inspirational lists.
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    I'm a combo of the two. According to this name quiz, I am Classic Eccentric, which means unusual names that have a history. On my list, I have names that range from Saskia to Lucy, Mavis to Ariadne.

    From your vintage list, I like Alice, Matilda and William. From the unusual list, I like Zola, Tempest, Amadeus, Loki and Raphael.
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    I consider myself to be very much on the vintage side when it comes to names. From you list I like: Matilda, Hugo, Ronan, Henry and Willem. From the other list I kind of like Oksana, Thisbe and Tempest. Yeah, I guess I prefer the vintage list then
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