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    Congrats on the successful sharing of the news!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marissalou View Post
    How exciting for you!!!! Especially that you'll be able to announce it to your family on a trip home. I'm not expecting yet, but love hearing these stories. Here are a couple of cute ones I've heard and would consider using myself:

    Take a family picture of everyone all together. Have whoever takes the picture say "____ and ____ are expecting!" just as they take it so you get the shocked family photo. You could do it with a timer too-- just should out "we're expecting!"

    Plan a "surprise party" for your husband that is actually a surprise announcement party. Have the moms help plan the party thinking your husband doesn't know anything, when the party comes around, you bring him in and announce you are pregnant as your own surprise!

    Let us know what you decide to do. Congratulations!!

    These are the cutest ideas ever! Especially the photo one.

    Megan, Congratulations! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    Best of luck to you and your expanding family.
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    Good luck,

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    I was quite young with my first and kind if a little ashamed as well. I had always planned wedding then baby but that didn't happen. So with the exception of actually telling my mom I let nature do the talking.

    With my second I was still quite young and not at all ashamed. I had my family over for a barbecue and wore about 6 shirts. The first one was just regular, the second one said there is a person here and nothing else. After about 30 mins I took it off and the next one said that has something to say. Again 30 mins later the next said you're never gonna guess. The next one said wait for it and the last said I'm pregnant again.
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    I realise this is an old thread, but it's been resurrected today, so I thought I'd add my two cents!

    If I'm currently pregnant, I'll find out around May 20. My parents and I live in different states, but I'm visiting them this weekend when I go over for my best friend's 30th birthday party. I'm not coming back till May 21, so, hopefully I'll be able to break the news to them then! I'm not planning anything special - just being able to tell them in person will be great because I don't see them everyday. My husband's family lives in the same city as us and we see them all the time. Again, I don't have any special plans for telling them, but we'll tell them (and my husband's sister and brother-in-law) when we see them at our next family dinner. If I'm pregnant now, we'll be able to break the news to my husband's extended family at his grandmother's 90th birthday party! I've already thought this far ahead lol. I'll be just over twelve weeks at the time, which is perfect. We might say something like, "We brought nanna a birthday present, but she won't be able to see it for nine more months..."
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    For me, while I wasn't as young as some of you or ashamed of getting pregnant - I am single and live at home, so wasn't sure how my parents would react. I was also extremely high risk for miscarriage for the first few weeks. I asked my mom to come to my doctor with me, and I told her there. I told my Dad about a month later. My Mom actually told my brother and most of my extended family before I had a chance to, which sort of bothered me, but whatever.

    When my mom got pregnant with my brother, 4 years after having me, she told her mom over the phone. They had been talking for about 15 or 20 minutes, and my Grandma asked what I was doing. My Mom said "oh, she's just waiting for her little brother or sister to get here...". That was pretty cute.
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