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    I meant to post here the other day when the idea popped into my head!

    If you wanted to get crafty you could make your own christmas crackers and instead of the usual joke, write a creative announcement or riddle to announce it OR a print out of your ultrasound image (if you've had one). You could also buy those tiny plastic babies as favours, as well as chucking in the usual paper crown.

    I'm sure you'd be able to find the supplies you'd need at a craft shop -- and its still far enough out from christmas to get everything together
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    I'm not sure if you're still looking for ideas, but I just found this link. Hope it helps!
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    I was fifteen years old, I had had sex ONCE in my entire life. BOOM pregnant. I told my mom when I was 16 weeks pregnant. She kicked me out of my house. I went to live with a friend who was also pregnant. End of story.

    Baby #2:

    I still don't talk to my mom, unless it's for her to get me to babysit my four year old sister. She always just leaves Hannah at the door, doesn't talk to me. I think she's met Eva (her own granddaughter)...maybe..3 or 4 times? Eva doesn't really register that she has a grandma. So, for baby number two I decided to surprise Morgan (my friend that was pregnant at the same time as me, we still share an apartment) since I couldn't really surprise anyone else. I bought a little onesie that said something like "Auntie Loves Me" and I wrapped inside of tissue paper for her bday. I put it inside a box of a store she likes...Sorry Morgan, no JCrew for you. She was really surprised! By the way, I did get her more that. I got her a pretty sweater from JCrew. But, baby first! I told my mom when I was..I don't know, 25 weeks pregnant. She was shocked and might have mentioned how I'll never amount to much of anything...I might have mentioned how I'm a better mother than her at least because I actually care about my daughter...yadda yadda yadda.

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    If my family supported me I would do it like this:
    At a dinner/party (not something like christmas or someone's birthday) we would all sit down for a prayer. My husband would say the prayer and be like "Heavenly Father, we thank you and praise you for this wonderful day and the blessings it brought to us. We would like to thank you for the lovely weather and the plentiful food on the table. We would also like to thank you for the pregnancy you have blessed Ivy and I with. Amen" and then everyone would stare at us all shocked and it would be so exciting!
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    I just wanted to follow up on this thread. We announced our pregnancy over Christmas, and it was so much fun! We decided to announce it to our parents over FaceTime at 6 weeks, but we saved the news for Christmas (at 12 weeks) for everyone else. For DH's parents, we got on FaceTime and told them we wanted to show them a gift we got for our one year old nephew. We held up an infant size onesie and a pair of booties... and finally exclaimed that it wasn't for our nephew. His mom got it immediately and just held her breath and smiled! It took his dad a bit longer, and they were overjoyed with the news. They both admitted that they were thinking, "There's no way that outfit is going to fit the nephew!!"

    Once we got home for the holidays, we played Dirty Santa/ White Elephant with DH's family. His uncle, of all people, ended up picking "the bag" with a framed ultrasound picture and a onesie with "Baby O" embroidered on it. He was so confused that it wasn't until his sister saw the picture that the whole room erupted! DH managed to capture some pictures of all his siblings with huge smiles and surprised looks on their faces. =) For my family, we exchanged gifts, and my real father's gift was an ornament-- a baby bird with printed "baby" and the year "2013" on the back. He was very confused, and it took his wife to look at it and figure it out. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were in the room opening presents, and everyone looked over when she screamed, "Are you pregnant!?" It was really great!

    We definitely noticed a trend... the women tend to "get it" much more quickly than the men! So much fun this holiday season. Cheers to everyone who is expecting!

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