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    I'm not close to most of my family so they mostly found out through Facebook, and I waited until I was like 18 weeks pregnant to tell my mom because I knew she was going to be disappointed/upset that I was "too young, ruining my life, etc." She pretty much denied I was pregnant until I was so big she couldn't ignore it anymore. And now she loves Rowan so much, I actually think it's funny she was so against it.
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    Congratulations Megan!!

    I'm also due at the very beginning of July, so I've been thinking about the same thing...provided all is going well, Christmas seems like a good time to tell my parents since I only see them a couple times a year. My plan so far is to wrap up a children's book (Little Critter "Grandma, Grandpa, and Me" unless I think of a better one!!) and just put it under the tree. You could wrap something up (other ideas were some grandparent-related onesie or bib) and tell them when you get home that you have something you want them to open early.

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    Those ideas are all supercute . You could also buy your parents t-shirts or mugs that says "World's Best Grandma/Grandpa" and watch their face as they work through the logic...!
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    Well what someone I knew did was take a picture of her pregnancy test. She made a scrapbook of the family and put the picture of the stick on the last page. This was a Christmas president to her mom, my aunt. My aunt took a long time looking a the picture to figure out what it was, lol! We all laughed at her because most use knew what it was when we saw the picture. Then it took her awhile to figure out if it was positive of negative, of course it's positive! Who takes a picture of a negative test? (although I think that would be a hilarious April fools thing to do)

    On a side note, just be cautious about how many people you tell. I personally would wait till the 3rd month since that's when you're normally safe and don't have to worry about miscarriage.

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    I don't know what your parents are like. Though I'm not having kids yet, I thought about wrapping a flannel shirt up for my dad (who wears such things) and having a card that says, "The best granddads wear soft snuggly shirts." My baking-loving mother will probably get a cookbook and a similar note about the best grandmamas. But I bet the idea could work for whatever your parents are into that you would love them to do with your child (kid toys, fishing poles, guitar picks, whittling stuff, gardening gloves--whatever).

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