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    Announcing pregnancy to family

    I am so excited to announce that I'm pregnant! It's still very very early- expecting July 2013.

    But I am already thinking about ways to announce it in a couple of months. rWe want to announce it to our families over Christmas, when we will be back home. The announcement to my family will have be on the very day we arrive (several days before Christmas), because I know my mother will ask or say something- she knows that we were wanting to try and she is just that kind of person!... plus I will want to spend those coveted few days talking BABY with her while I'm home!

    What fun ways did you break the news to your families?

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    I just want to say that miscarriges in first three months are very common and that you should reconsider who should be told and when it should be told.
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    If you're due in July, you should be nearing your second trimester around Christmas.. Which is the perfect time to tell your family! We wrapped a framed picture of our sonogram that said Merry Christmas, grandpa and grandma on the frame. We put it under the tree with the rest of the presents and let them open it on Christmas morning. It was awesome!! I think you could do something similar, but have them open it early.

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    How exciting for you!!!! Especially that you'll be able to announce it to your family on a trip home. I'm not expecting yet, but love hearing these stories. Here are a couple of cute ones I've heard and would consider using myself:

    Take a family picture of everyone all together. Have whoever takes the picture say "____ and ____ are expecting!" just as they take it so you get the shocked family photo. You could do it with a timer too-- just should out "we're expecting!"

    Plan a "surprise party" for your husband that is actually a surprise announcement party. Have the moms help plan the party thinking your husband doesn't know anything, when the party comes around, you bring him in and announce you are pregnant as your own surprise!

    Let us know what you decide to do. Congratulations!!

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    I've given a card with a sonogram inside, and twice just told everyone outright. We just told everyone about #4 this past week. A few years ago I bought my mom a bracelet with her grandchildren's birthstones on it. I bought her the newest birthstone (May) and put it in a box. I made her a pair of earrings for Christmas last year, but misplaced them, so when I gave her the box, she thought I'd just found them. It took her a few minutes to realize what the new stone was for, because she thought we were done.

    My SIL told her family by having fortune cookies made with a message inside about the baby, then they all went out to a Chinese restaurant and they had the waitress switch the cookies.

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