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    Why are people so crazy about a name theme?

    I don't mean, they love a name theme. I mean, everytime someone mentions a name theme, group of women start to discourage something very simple... as naming Charlotte's sister Clara.

    First argument is that when parents run of of ideas or names they love, child will feel left out. Maybe. But that's something child will outgrow. That's feeling is week and will soon be forgoten.
    Besides, if they planning to have just three children, Charlotte, Clara and Elodie will just be seen as three random names.

    Most kid are unhappy with their names at some point, but that's just part of growing up. They ask themselves how would it be growing up with different name just because that's phase called developing self-consciousness and it's natural part of it.

    I am person who thinks parent could choose to make a theme, and stick with it if they want it, ot leave it, because it will not affect the child in any way.
    Elena, Claudia, Romilly, Melisende, Dahlia, Viola, Arabella, Serena, Melody, Freya, Morgana, Mercy, Mariella, Ramona, Maris, Layla, Roselyn, Viviette, Briony, Leta, Leda...
    This is my list of all girls names I like:

    Artur, Martin, Adam, Oliver, Robert, Edmund...

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    I agree. I feel there is no need for a theme. Each child is an individual.

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    Sometimes I tend to like names that are similar for siblings. It's not that I am purposely trying to do a theme. Our son's name is Cuyler and we know if we have a daughter, her name will be Claire. Does this mean I HAVE to or want to use all C names? I do like some other c names though. If I end up with a theme, great, if not, that's great too! Who cares? The name does not make the child, our children will be unique and grow into their names. There are three sisters in my family. Two of us have A names, my younger sister doesn't. For a time, when she was younger, she wished she had an A name too, but it was a phase she passed through and we are all now adults and living far apart and couldn't imagine our names any other way.

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    It's not so much that the kid will feel left out.... which they probably will, but for only a little while. It might be worse if their other siblings are like "you don't belong because your name starts with an E or you must have been adopted", basically bullying them. But all siblings do something of the sort. I used to say my sister was adopted because she has curly hair and NO ONE in our family has curly hair. However, hopefully they'll grow out of that phase.

    For me it just looks "sloppy" if you break away from the theme. I personally like themes since I think it ties them all together in some special way, but I don't think it's necessary.
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    I really don't think themes are necessary most of the time. Like in your example, just because you have Charlotte and Clara doesn't mean you can't add an Elodie or Ezra! some cases I think it is necessary to continue with a theme. For example, my grandma had:
    and then twins. (Joanna and James)

    Had she not named the twins with J's I think it would have been weird!
    Can't get enough of these right now:

    Avilyn, Aldine, Clara, Dane, Ellis, Elise, Eden, Emerson, Grey, Hadley, Lydia, Lane, Lux, Marina

    Dane, Ezra, Everett, Finn, Flynn, Finley, Grey, Jameson, Jude, Lennox, Oakley

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