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    Your name is Ivy Susannah Young and you are 35. You live in Miami, Florida, with your husband Silas Gideon Young and your children. Your eldest daughter, Cecily Aurora is 11 years old and is a dancer for (Insert Name of Studio. Your Choice.). Your other children are: Jasper Thomas, Arthur Philip, and Scarlet Magdalena. You have blonde hair and blue eyes, and your husband has brown hair and green eyes. Cecily has auburn hair and hazel eyes, Jasper has blonde hair and blue eyes, Arthur has black hair and hazel eyes, and Scarlet has brown hair and brown eyes.

    Your daughter, Cecily is a gorgeous little dancer who specializes in Acro. She is on the Competition Team at HYPE Dance Academy and gets new dances each week to travel around to a different competition each week, with you, Theodora Miller, her teammates and the other dance moms. Her teammates are: Lily & Willow Daniels, Yasmine Garcia, Milan & Sasha Cooper, and Mara Brown, and the other dance moms are: Elizabeth Daniels, Esme Garcia, Rachel Cooper, and Charlotte Brown. Cecily loves dancing and loves her dance teacher, Theodora, even though she is incredibly strict and at times, mean. Your daughter is normally considered one of the last, usually overlooked, and you are hoping she gets the attention and recognition she deserves.

    The biggest competition of the season is coming up, Nationals. Theodora has given Cecily an acro solo, part in a trio with Mara and Willow, and she has a part in the group dance. The pressure is really on for Cecily because she is the only one on the team with a solo! Cecily gets on stage for her solo and does gorgeous. She nails every single move and her expressions are perfect. She comes in first place overall for her solo.

    The Young family:

    DH: [36] Silas Gideon Young
    DW: [35] Ivy Susannah Young

    DD: [11] Cecily Aurora Young
    DS: [7] Jasper Thomas Young
    DS/DD: [3] Arthur Philip Young / Scarlet Magdalena Young

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    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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