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  • Guinevere Elaine

    18 19.57%
  • Vivienne Elaine

    40 43.48%
  • Genevieve Elaine

    34 36.96%
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    Aug 2012
    I voted for Genevieve Elaine. I think Genevieve is lovely - rarely used but not unheard-of, sweetly feminine but spunky.
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    Normally I would say Guinevere, but I like Vivienne with Elaine.
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    Genevieve Elaine sounds great with Roxanne.
    Theodore Arthur

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    Thanks for the comments. I really like all three, so I go back and forth. Genevieve seems to be winning for now. We'll probably decided at the hospital when we see her, but until last weekend I was panicking because we didn;t even have a short list to take to the hospital.

    I do like the nickname viv or vivi, but I think those could be used with Genevieve too...

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    ebonyeden Guest
    Although I prefer Guinevere and Genevieve to Vivienne, I voted for Vivienne Elaine as I think that that is the one that flows the best. Good luck!

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