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  • Guinevere Elaine

    18 19.57%
  • Vivienne Elaine

    40 43.48%
  • Genevieve Elaine

    34 36.96%
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    two weeks left- current top 3

    Thanks all to those who commented on whether Emerald worked as a first name. Despite the generally positive feedback, we are leaning more conventional. We will use my mom's name Elaine as a middle, and have three first names we like

    Guinevere Elaine
    Vivienne Elaine
    Genevieve Elaine

    Somehow the V is striking a chord with both of us. Which do people like best, taking into consideration big sister Roxanne Rosemunde (middle also family name) and last name pronounced as Saddler.

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    I think Guinevere is the most evocative and interesting and powerful. Genevieve is fabulous too, but I dislike how it flows with Elaine. Vivienne Elaine might have the best flow, but it's the least substantial imo.

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    I vote Genevieve. Roxanne and Genevieve sound great together. I think Genevieve sounds great with Elaine and your last name. Guinevere is a great name but I find the ending rhymey with your last name. I also love Vivienne but the matching ending with both Elaine and Roxanne gives me pause. I also think Vivienne is a tad less spunky than Roxanne. All solid names though. Good luck!

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    I love the nn Vivi so that swayed me.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Love, love, love Genevieve Elaine. I've been loving Genevieve lately, though.

    Good luck!
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