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  • Guinevere Elaine

    18 19.57%
  • Vivienne Elaine

    40 43.48%
  • Genevieve Elaine

    34 36.96%
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    Guinevere Elaine is stunning! I love it with your daughter's name too. Genevieve would be my second choice- beautiful name that goes perfectly with Roxanne. Vivienne lacks the sparkle that the other two have for me. Good luck
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    I find Guinevere and Genevieve a little hard to say alongside the middle name Elaine as they kinda smush together.

    Vivienne Elaine is gorgeous though and I love the sound of Vivienne Saddler.
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    I love Guinevere Elaine! Very Arthurian romance! (Guinevere was King Arthur's queen, and Elaine was The Lady of Shalott.)

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    Funny, I hadn't looked at this for awhile, we were just thinking on the names, and we are leaning Vivienne at this point, and looks like that's what the poll results are. Less than a week- induction is tuesday if she doesn't show before then!

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    Not intentional, but I was wondering if people would catch that!

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