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    I have LOTS of pets :) These are their names

    I have a small "zoo" at my house! I don't have any children yet (expecting our first in June 2013) but my husband and I both love animals and we each have our own responsibilities when it comes to the animals. Here is what we have and their names Enjoy

    Bailey - bengal Cat
    Maison - tabby cat
    Abby - toy fox terrier
    Kala - chihuahua (everyone always mispronounces her name :/
    Jax - sun conure
    Caiper - love bird
    Rose - redfoot tortoise
    Simon - sulcata tortoise
    Roxy - sulcata tortoise
    Nahla - leopard tortoise
    Rupert - guinea pig
    Guinness - guinea pig
    Zeke - Iguana

    Fish: Nani, Sunni, Diablo, Frankie
    Rats: Lola, Rowan, Issy, Belle, Maisy, Mitzi, Minka
    Snakes: Mango, Ruka, Reis, Rogue, Rayn, Monte, Nia, Dela, Hydro, Reggie, Dee, Dacoda, Nova, Quincy, Saphira, Rea
    Due with our first baby in June 2013!

    Check out our blog~

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