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    Artemis, Artemisia, Artemisa - Thoughts?

    I really like the name Artemis, and I've also heard Artemisia and, here in Mexico, Artemisa.

    Just wondering what your thought are on these names....

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    I like the meaning and history of Artemis, but I don't like the name so much. It doesn't seem to have any good nicknames (the only ones I can think of are Arty, Tem, and Missy), and the name isn't that feminine. I would love to see someone use the name, though, but it just doesn't fit with my tastes. (A girl named Artemis would be so cool!)

    Artemisia takes away from the quality of the name, in my opinion. It sounds like a country in a fantasy novel (I'm pronouncing it are-tem-eez-sha). Artemisa is ok (I'm saying it like art-em-ee-sa), and it is the best feminization, in my opinion.
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    I like the mythology behind the name, but I've never fully warmed up to Artemis. Similar to pp, I'd love to meet one but wouldn't consider the name myself.
    As far as Artemisia and Artemisa, I think they just look overly complicated. Artemis doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, and adding more syllables just makes it trickier in my opinion.

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    I love Artemis and Artemisia! I have them as possible middle name options. I'm not brave enough to put them in front, plus my name is Diana so I love the connection.

    I think the nickname Missy is cute, but I also think Artemis on it's own is fine

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    I love Artemisia! I grew up on a farm, so I have a real fondness for botanical names. Artemisia ("artameezha") is a wonderful family of plants - they're silver, velvety, fragrant clouds of leafiness. Tarragon and wormwood (used to make absinthe) are both forms of Artemisia. I think the name has a lovely sound, though it wants a nickname. (Mimi? Arta?) Pretty sure artemisia is named for Artemis, so that name is contained within it.
    If you prefer just Artemis, and you're not into plant names, you should go for just Artemis. I think it's a powerful name, and also a wearable one because of its clean, simple sound. Makes me think of the full moon, the forest, wild beasts, bows and arrows!

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