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    Clémence Joëlle ?

    This name has started to grow on me. Thoughts?

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    it's very French.

    If you're French that's great and I think it's a nice name.

    If you're not, it's a bit strange. I've never met a Clemence and have only heard of one (Clemence Posey).
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    Do you pronounce it the French way?

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    I'm American..husband's French. We are planning on moving back to france in a few years. Alice and Florence are the other top picks.

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    I'm in the same position and know it's not easy to find a name that works in both places, I think Clémence Joëlle works great. Joëlle is pretty rare these days but I think its beautiful and compliments Clémence wonderfully plus it's pretty easy to say in either country.
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