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    Jul 2011
    Surname: Williamson

    DH: Moses Orlando (Moe)
    -DW1: Delphine Dove (nee: Jinx)
    ---DD1: Dominica Mavis (Nica)
    ---DD2: Clio Maude
    ---DS: Barnaby Augustine
    -DW2: Cosima Lilac (nee: Hathaway)
    ---DD3: Elizabeth Elettra
    ---DD4: Gemma Matilda
    ---DD5: Sasha Jane

    -DD1: Dominica Mavis (Nica)
    ----DD1: Theodora Minerva
    --DH1: Sirius Conrad (surname: Madeline)
    ----DS1: Jonah Humphrey
    ----DD2: Juliet Magnolia (Jett)
    --DH2: Cato Albion (surname: Willoughby)
    ----DS2: Xander Quincy

    -DD2: Clio Maude
    --DH1: Rupert Didier (surname: Montague)
    ----DS: Gideon Jethro
    --DH2: Montgomery Percival (Monty) (surname: Lavender)
    -step son: Phineas Malachi
    -step daughter: Miette Aqua
    -step daughter: Araminta Maeva (Minty)
    ----DD: Seraphina Simone

    -DS: Barnaby Augustine
    --DW1: Juno Aurelia (nee: Hart)
    Step daughter: Kerensa Marigold (Wren)
    ----DD1: Isabeau Tatiana (Bow)
    --DW2: Josephine Emmeline (nee: Silk) (Posey)
    ----DD2: Evangeline Jessamine

    -DD4: Gemma Matilda
    --EXH: Digby Edmund (surname: Thackeray)
    ----DS1: Ezra Magnus
    ----DS2: Ezekiel Devereaux (Zeke)
    ----DD: Lyra Juniper

    -DD5: Sasha Jane
    --DH: Dashiell Asa (Dash) (surname: August)

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