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Thread: Elise Arietta?

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    Elise Arietta?

    I think I have officially decided to add Elise to my girls list vs. Eliza.

    What do you think of Elise Arietta? I am thinking Elise Arietta Lynae for the full combo (Arietta honors my sister Arielle, and Lynae is my younger sisters middle name.)

    I also like Elise Arietta Joy
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    Love it! I'm not a fan of two middles in most cases.

    Arietta is stunning!
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    I love Elise, and Arietta is super pretty too! How do you pronounce Lynae?
    Can't get enough of these right now:

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    Lynae is pronounced with the short i sound as in sit and then nay. Ly-nay.

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    I don't like the double middle name, especially in this case. However I understand why you are doing it.

    Elise Arietta is a little bit of a mouth full. that isn't a bad thing, it's actually very pretty! And Arietta is stunning. I really really like that.
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