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Thread: Bridget

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    So i have quite a long list of names for my lil girl... fourteen names to be exact hehe
    Bridget is one of them, and i dont really know what the appeal is but i love the name! It seems to me really feisty and a little bit english and tough but not harsh. Do others find it too harsh? I dont really mind harsh names, i 'm a bit sick of all the soft sounds tbh!

    maybe it was sisterhood of the travelling pants that helped sell it for me lol! (Bee is such a cute nn!)

    What do people think of when they see the name Bridget?

    is it boring or plain?

    Is there a 'bridge' association?
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    Really not my style, and yes it does seem quite harsh to me. Although, it does remind me of the lovable Bridget Jones (' Diary). I think you have some nice, not-too-soft names in your signature that I like a lot better than Bridget. My favorites from your list are: Sapphire, Liberty, Cassidy, Juniper, Willow, and Rowan.
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    Bridget is gorgeous! When I think of Bridget I think of a strong willed, independent woman. And Irish too. Other than that I really like Hazel , Willow and Delphine from your list. They're exquisite!
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    Bridget's very nice. A bit, bit dated, but still nice. Alternatives to Bridget is the french Brigitte, a bit to frilled for me. I think Birgit is appealing. I prefer spelling Brighid, really.
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    I love Bridget! I wanted to use it this time w/ gaelic spelling..Brighid since other daughter has gaelic name. Bridget is a verrrry common name in my family and always w/ nickname Bridie. I love it but my husband said no way

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