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    The most BEAUTFUL girl name ever?

    We're expecting a baby girl this December! and we're still deciding our girl's name

    Bella - i honestly dont care about twilight
    Emily - So cutee
    Selena -Adorable
    Maria - Gorgeous name
    Melanie - adorable
    Alessa ( ah-less-ah)
    Lucy - whats not to like

    One answer choice ONLY, so i can deicide better

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    renrose Guest
    Ok... um... Emily.

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    Although Lucy is my favourite name on your list, I think Melanie has the most "beautiful" sound of your choices.
    All the best,

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    Alessa reminds me of Silent Hill. My brother played the video games and I just recently saw the 3D movie. I remember thinking this name had a really beautiful sound.

    Anyway, I think that's my choice.

    Reasons for not choosing other names:
    Bella- Too strongly associated to dogs for me (Everyone I know has a dog named Bella)
    Emily- Cute, but not beautiful
    Selena- I never liked this name
    Maria- I much prefer Mary or Margaret. Maria is my least favorite variation
    Melanie- I like the melodic sound of it, but I hear "melon" in the beginning
    Lucy- Same as Emily

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