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    I think Charlotte Olivia is lovely. Scarlett has always sounded kind of harsh to my ears.

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    I love Charlotte, whereas I don't like Scarlett at all. Sure, it's a colour name, but it sounds harsh and has the word "scar" in it. Charlotte is a lovely, timeless and classic name. And it pairs wonderfully with Olivia, in my opinion.

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    I know I'm in the minority but I vote Scarlett, even though I do like Charlotte a lot. I think Olivia works fine with both, although it's not a favourite of mine. I agree with southern.maple in seconding Ophelia as an alternative to Olivia. If I had my way, my daughter (due next week) woud be Scarlett Ophelia. As my husband wasn't keen, she will instead be Scarlett Emily.x

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    I like Scarlett better paired with Olivia, but I like Charlotte the best out of those 3 names. =]

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