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    Just how popular is Delilah?

    So what's your take on the popularity of Delilah? I know it's #172 on the SSA list, but how often do you hear it? It's really been growing on me lately, but I'm worried about its rising popularity. Do you think it will keep rising?

    DH loves Delilah and if I start falling for it like he has, of course, we'll probably use it regardless of popularity. I'm just curious of how often you berries hear it!

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    I have never met a Delilah in the UK, it's beautiful, I love it!
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    I've never met a Delilah either; the closest I've seen is Leila (prn: lie-lah). I love the musical quality it has when you say it!
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    I love it as well and I have never met one (and there are a LOT of kids around me). I know a Delia in her late 30s, but that's it. Oh, I'm on the east coast of the U.S. if that helps.

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    I've never met a Delilah. It's a lovely name.
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