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    Love the name Crew....BUT! Help?

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    I like it, it suits the other sibs well and looks like an authors name. I say go for it! Don't let the naysayers get you down.
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    Crew D. Wright does sound a bit silly IMO. I also am not a fan of Cadence, Corban & Crew together. Crew Wright is not the best combination, I just think of the crew's right's are... blah blah blah.. but don't go by my opinion haha. Congratulations, by the way!
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    I think it will work out fine. Crew Wright sounds all right to me. Crew matches your other children's names pretty well. The important thing is to use a name both you andvyour husband love.

    I love the name Hazel, but it seems me and my dh are the only one's who do. My parents and everyone else in my family hates it. Flat out laughed at me. But I'm still drawn to that name. Now I'm torn.

    I hope you can use the name you love. Try not to over think it.

    Congrats and good luck!

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    Honestly, go with what you and your husband both like. Don't compromise or you might regret it.
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