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    Hmmm.... I would have to say Bella.

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    Of these, I really like Selena.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    My favorite from your list is Selena! I think it's very, very pretty and I love that it means "moon"!

    I am sooo tired of the name Bella. I don't even find it pretty anymore. I love just Belle though.
    Emily is a nice, cute name but I find it kind of bland because it's so common. Nothing exciting about it.
    Maria is pretty but boring.
    Melanie is cute but boring.
    Alessa doesn't leave an impression at all. It's kind of cute though.
    It's a classic, sweet name, but I find Lucy really, really boring. And bland.
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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    Lucy gets my vote.

    Grace, Early 20's and Bride-to-Be...Dreaming of Future Babies.

    Lucy Primrose, Alice Juliette, Rose Charlotte, Madeline Sophie, Lillian Faye, Ivy Elena, Amélie Winter.
    Mae Seraphina nn Maisy, Phoebe Luna, Annabella Violet, Kate Susannah.
    Noah Samuel, Rory Joshua, Luca Gabriel, Isaac Beau, Louis Daniel, Henry Rowan, William Elliott, Roman Alexander.

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