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    Sibling name for Michael and Hudson

    Baby number three is due sometime this June, we have started talking about names but I would love some suggestions. Michael Ray is named after my husband and his grandpa. Hudson Flash has a family meaning as well, his middle name is after my dad.
    So far I love Brody Benjamin or Owen Benjamin for girls so far it's Grace Genevieve or Ella Genevieve. Thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome!


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    It's interesting, because the two sibling names are so very different in style...hard to know which direction to go next! But just from the ones you've listed, I do like Owen Benjamin (really not a fan of Brody). And for the other, I'd go with Genevieve Grace, myself.

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    Before I opened this one I thought Brock! Then I read Brody and thought Excellent! I like Grace Genevieve for your girl.
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