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    I really like Emma and Rachel together. That's very nice.
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    The only reason they wouldn't be good together is because die-hard Friends fans would think of Rachel Green and her baby, Emma. But that's dumb. They're perfectly fine together.

    Oddly enough, my parents considered Rachel and Emily when naming me, but ultimately picked Emily. No one ever called me Emma because that's another name in and of itself. Emmy, yes, but not Emma.
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    Yes, I think it would be much stranger to call an Emily Emma than to have an Emma and a Rachel

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    I happen to, personally, like Emily more than I like Emma, but I don't think Emma and Rachel sounds particularly odd together.

    Emily is still in the Top Ten so I don't see how it even helps much with the imbalance of current popularities? I think one is like #3 and the other like #6? Might as well go with the name you like more.

    However, in terms of classic, well-known, but not terribly popular, what about Esme?

    Honestly, my first thought was Amanda, or Amy. Other names that have classic backgrounds, and a long history of use, but really blew up in the '80s and have since dwindled in popularity, but weren't just created FOR the eighties, if you know what I mean.

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