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    Super girly middle names for Esther

    Hi, when I was little I loved the old name Esther, but had gone off of it as an adult for super girly frilly names like flora, Bonnie, Alice, Pearl, basically any floral name, willow, grace, Tessa.

    Then on here, someone suggested Esther nn Tessa and I love it. Double whammy name usage also get the nick name Essie.

    So super girly middles please, suggestions and opinions.

    Esther Alice
    Esther Pearl
    Esther Willow
    Esther Flora
    Esther ??

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I have Carolina Esther Jane on my list, so Esther Carolina was my first idea! Most of your MNs (Alice, Pearl, Flora) are all old names, and it doesn't really give any life to Esther for me, so I'd use something a bit more modern. Even though they are gorgeous names. I've heard Lila Esther, Esther Madeleine, and Esther Juliet, and I think all those are great--you could reverse Lila Esther to Esther Lila.

    Good luck!
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    Esther Asfodel or Esther Clementine

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    Esther Alice - Alicia is more girly in my opinion
    Esther Pearl - pretty cute
    Esther Willow - Willow has a very punky sound to me
    Esther Flora - the overall pronunciation is... meh. But Flora is indeed a super feminine name

    Esther Amarillis
    Esther Lilia
    Esther Mimosa
    Esther Angelina
    Esther Lune
    Esther Mabel
    Esther Amoris
    Esther Isabel
    Esther Joya / Gioia / Gioya
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    I would want something that would lift it up and give it a bit of warmth and whimsy, the middle names above are just my stock standard middles for other names.
    I feel like Esther, needs a middle I possibly would think is to far out for first name usage, but very feminine. Especially to stand in the sibset with Jedidiah George.
    Hubby won't consider colours or flowers as a first I love nature names so maybe a floral or nature middle

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