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    Girl names that start with Ari

    I am currently pregnant, but i don't know what I'm having yet. I have my boy name picked out and ready to go, however I am struggling with a girl name. I was dead set on the name Aria/Ariana, but until recent didn't realize how popular it was becoming. I would like something that has a similar sound or spelling just less popular. So far I have come up with Arissa, Arista, Aris (Air-es) and Ariel. What are your opinions on the names I found and if you don't like them, then what would you suggest? (Also I have a daughter named Kamber if it helps with your opinion.)

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    How about Arielle? It's the french form of Ariel. I think Arissa goes best with Kamber, though.
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    Ariadne Or Arianell (too frilly for my taste, but I'm not a giant fan of Arianna).
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    I really like Arista, a lot.

    There's also Ariela/Ariella, Ariette, Arietty.

    I think Kamber and Arista is a great sibset.
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    Arianwen? My favourites are Ariella and Arietta.

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