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    Thoughts on Zora?

    I'm following up on a previous post. I am warming up to Zora, but with some reservations. Could Zoey be a nickname?

    What are your thoughts on Zora - love it or hate it?


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    I like Zora, it does make me think "Zorro" at first but that's not a bad image. Very exotic sounding. I like Zola too, you might like that.
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    I think it's pretty and intriguing. However, my first thought is palm reader. I prefer Cora or Zara, but I could probably warm to it. I think Zoe would make sense as a nn.
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    I REALLY like it, and not just because it's part of my user name (which is a name I randomly stole from a gravestone). I slightly prefer the Biblical spelling--Zorah. I also think of Zorro, but as the previous poster said, there's nothing wrong with that. You may also like Zoya, a Russian and Greek variant of Zoe that means "life."

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    I like it a lot and think Zoey is a perfectly usable nn. It's uncommon but pronounceable. Go for it!

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