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    Please give me reason why you would choose either of these naems! I can't decide!

    I posted a couple polls on which name goes best with my other girls names. The results were about half and half.

    Please help me decide and give me reasons why you would choose which name! My husband is no help, he likes them both and says they are both great.

    Elise or Eliza

    My name is Alyssa, and I realize both of these are little similar to my name in some ways. If you would like to take that into account, I'd like to hear opinions on this issue. Otherwise, which one do you like better and fits better with my other names? Thanks!

    Claire, Sophia and Zoe, Viviana are my current favorites.

    Boys names, if that matters. Cuyler( my son) Avery, Weston, Lane, Asher and Gabriel
    Mom to Cuyler Reese Holcomb and anxiously awaiting Avery Daniel Alexander in August 2013!

    Girls: Claire Elisabeth Louisa, Sophia Adelaide Kate, Elise Madeleine Joy, Zoe Anneliese Jayne, Juliet Amelia Rose

    Boys: Asher Morgan James, Morgan Everett Nathaniel, Weston Jude Elias, Gabriel

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    I prefer Eliza.

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    I love Eliza.

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    I prefer Elise. To me, Eliza is more prim and proper and Elise is more breezy and friendly. Those are just my perceptions though. I've come to the realization that I don't like most names that end in a. Weird, I know. They are both really nice names! Good luck!

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