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    Honestly, I'm not a fan of any of the names you listed. Hadley would be the best fit with Brody and Lincoln, but there are more interesting choices out there. Brody and Lincoln are both strong names, and your girl's choices are very trendy and not so strong. I would suggest something more along the lines of Lydia or Charlotte. Audrey, Blythe, Hannah, Tess, Nora, Naomi, Lorelei, Johanna, Ivy, Laura, Fiona, Calla?

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    Seconding Blythe and Audrey. While Lincoln is a modern surname name, it's also presidential. Both of your boys' names have strength. I think Blythe and Audrey are crisp and timeless. Not clunky old-fashioned but more substantial than your current choices.

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    I'm going to swim against the flow here.

    Brody, Lincoln and Paisley (I love Paisley. I don't even mean the name, I mean the pattern and the sound of the word and just about everything about it. So even if it is Toddlers and Tiara's this is MY favorite choice. The idea of Paisley makes me happy and on a little girl would just be precious - I'd consider it if my SO weren't such a strictly classical namer).

    Brody, Lincoln and Layla (I know that matching names can be considered a no-no but I think that Lincoln and Layla are so different with exception of the first letter that it's a nice connection for twins to have. I'd also like Lilac or Lavender though it is much closer to Lincoln than Layla is.).
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    I vote Hadley or Paisly!
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    I think any of your choices would work great, but I love Layla! I agree Hadley does fit well with your other names also. Wish you all the best with your twins!

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