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    Smile Having boy/girl twins....need help with girl name!!

    I am having boy/girl twins. We have decided on Lincoln for the boy and are undecided on a girl name. Below are the names we are thinking of. Please give me your thoughts or any other suggestions. I really don't want a super popular name. Thanks for your help. Also, I have a son who's name is Brody.

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    I think Lincoln, Brody and Hadley would make great sibling names! I am not a huge fan of unisex names usually, but I do kind of like Hadley and think it fits great with Lincoln for twins.

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    I am currently writing a story and the main female character is named Hadley. I like it! To me it seems very sturdy, but also feminine.
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    I'm normally not a fan of unisex names, but I like Hadley and think it would go nicely with Lincoln and Brody.
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    I like Hadley the best hands down. Especially with brothers Lincoln and Brody. I really like Lincoln too btw. Paisley is way too toddlers and tiaras for me. Layla and Lyla are boring to me. Probably because I grew up with so many of them, but I also find their obvious beauty to be a turn off in a way.

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