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Thread: Dice Name Game

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    Apr 2013
    My Name: Piper Louise
    My DW: Delaney Winslet

    DD: Thalia Odette
    DS: Zeppelin Enoch

    Piper + Laney = Lia and Zep
    The Well-Loved Mouse, Mercy

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    Apr 2013
    United States
    My name: Stella Marie "Stell"
    Husband's name: Sawyer Lennox
    # Kids: 4
    Birth #1: Boy- Sebastian Felix "Bast"
    Birth #2: Girl- Violetta Diamond "Lettie"
    Birth #3: Girl/Boy Twins- Cicely Avril "Cece" & Xavier Asher
    Birth #4: Boy- Vincent Caspar "Vinny"
    Pets: amount=1: Rabbit named Amity

    Stella & Sawyer
    Bast, Lettie, Cece, Xavier, Vinny, & Amity the rabbit

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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    Me: Imogen Alice. Him: Jacoby Brooks. Birth1: Tobias Atticus. Birth2: Cooper Jeremiah. Birth3: Santiago Sebastian. ~~ Immy and Jac with: Tobias, Coop, and Santi.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Nov 2012
    DW: [35] Olivia Maud Barton
    DH: [35] Lennox Donovan Barton

    DS: [7] Jonas Seneca Barton
    DD: [6]Aurelia Bijou Barton
    DD/DS: [4] Leonardo Dashiell Barton & Anja Everly Barton
    DS: [2] Obadiah Hiram Barton
    DD: [1] Zara Eshe Barton
    DS/DS: [Newborns] Nico Flynn Barton & Rory Jaden Barton
    Horse: Maximus

    Olivia & Lennox with their 8 kids - Jonas, Aurelia, Leo, Anja, Obie, Zara, Nico, & Rory.
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    Feb 2013
    Ft. Myers
    DW: Piper Marie Foster (nee Campbell)
    DH: Lionel Wolf Foster

    Birth 1: Girl
    Aurora "Rory" Olivia Foster

    Birth 2: Boy
    Elliot Isaac Foster

    Birth 3: B/B/G Triplets
    Leonardo "Leo" Hudson Foster
    Cristian Milo Foster
    Gemma Pearl Foster

    Birth 4: Boy
    Horatio Vincent Foster

    Birth 5: Boy
    Franklin William Foster

    Birth 6: Boy
    Cameron Sterling Foster

    Pets: 6 pets
    Horse- Mercy
    Mouse- Prince
    Mouse- Maverick
    Cat- Faith
    Cat- Chance
    Cat- Grace

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