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Thread: Dice Name Game

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    Nov 2011
    Name: Valentina Alice
    DH Name: Kiernan Wilson

    Birth One: Girl
    Name: Sabrina Odile

    Birth Two: Girl
    Name: Luciana Silver

    Birth Three: Girl
    Name: Marina Kelis

    Birth Four: Girl
    Name: Carolina Mariel

    Birth Five: Boy
    Name: Austin William

    Two Dogs: Timber and Prince

    Valentina and Kiernan with daughters Sabrina, Luciana, Marina, and Carolina and son Austin.

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    Nov 2009
    Your name:
    Ava Marie Payne

    Partners name:
    Lowell Jaguar Payne

    How many kids: 5

    Birth 1: Boy
    Liam Titus Payne

    Birth 2: Girl
    Emilia Jade Payne

    Birth 3: Boy Girl Twins
    Luis Asher Payne
    Marina Everly Payne

    Birth 4: Boy
    Augustine Calvin Payne

    Birth 5: Girl
    Madison Rose Payne

    Pets: 5 2 cats 3 Dogs


    List your family:

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    Name: Flora Clare Ellington
    Husband's name: Arthur Fox Ellington

    1. Athena Indigo & Ezra Atticus
    2. Livia Pearl
    3. Cesar Sullivan
    4. Rosa Coralie
    5. Zara Kamali
    6. Sawyer Ash

    3 Guinea Pigs named Arrow, Wilder, & Verity.

    Darcy Adeline ~~ Oliver Dayton Ellis ~~ Jonah Tobias Clarke

    Blessed to be a mother of 3

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    DW: Fleur Auburn Lark
    DH: Rudy Lowell Lark

    DD: Seren Indigo Lark
    DS: Hollis Emory Lark
    DD/DD: Freja Sade Lark and Cicely Nirvana Lark
    DD: Linden Isobel Lark
    DS: Ellis Carter Lark
    DD: Rowan Tawny Lark

    Two guinea pigs called Ranger and Arrow.
    Six rabbits called Charity, Clarity, Comfort, Constance, Cornelia and Chance.
    Five cats called Silence, Amity, Modesty, Timber and Oak.
    A mouse called Prince.
    Three horses called Free, Pace and True.
    Four dogs called Tahira, Grace, Prince and Justice.
    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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