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    Your name is Madelyn Claire Foster and you and your husband Steven Daniel Foster just got married. You immediately start trying to start your family, but after a year of trying you both give up. When 7 months go by your husband suggests looking into adoption. A year after applying you find out you will get to adopt a sweet baby.

    Kazi Lionel (Africa)

    2 years later you decide to adopt again. After no luck of finding a baby to adopt you find out your teenage niece is pregnant. She wants to let you and your husband adopt the baby. When you go to the first ultrasound with her you find out she is expecting twins!

    Finn Cooper and Auden Chelsea

    3 years go by and you start wanting another baby in the house. In 4 months you adopt a baby girl from China. Her first name is your favorite girl name and her middle name is after you.

    Alexis Madelyn

    When your youngest is 2 years old you and your husband decide to adopt for the last time. You find out that you will be getting twin baby boys.

    Trevor James and Dylan Jacob (Germany)

    Madelyn and Steven

    Kazi, Finn and Auden, Alexis, Trevor, and Dylan
    Mommy to the double trouble twins: Taylor Lia and Madison Ava

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