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    Lightbulb What would your kids be named?

    -- Baby One: Boy --
    Choose your fave gemstone.
    Emerald: Tucker
    Pearl: Ezra
    Opal: Rowan
    Diamond: Sawyer
    Ruby: Leo
    Other: Felix

    Choose your fave jean type.
    Flare: Gideon
    Bootcut: Silas
    Skinny: Elliott
    Jeggings: Archer
    Don't like jeans: Claus
    Other: Samuel

    -- Baby Two: Girl --
    Choose your element.
    Water: Eloise
    Air: Jillian
    Fire: Matilda
    Earth: Penelope
    Don't know: Charlotte
    Don't believe in astrology: Lillian

    Choose your fave hairstyle.
    Straight: Tatiana
    Curled: Magnolia
    Ponytail: Hazel
    Bun: Amelia
    Braid: Madeline
    Other: Caroline

    -- Baby Three: Boy --
    Choose your fave kind of jewelry.
    Ring: Adam
    Necklace: Carson
    Bracelet: Max
    Earrings: Eli
    None: Henry
    Other: Wyatt

    Choose your birth order.
    Oldest: Cooper
    Middle: Julian
    One of multiple middle: Nathaniel
    Youngest: Sebastian
    Only: Nicholas
    Multiple: Owen

    -- Baby Four: Girl --
    Choose your fave subject.
    Math: Sophia
    Science: Ava
    English: Lucy
    History: Chloe
    Foreign Language: Mia
    Other: Ruby

    Choose your fave setting.
    Woods: Evangeline
    Farmland: Elizabeth
    City: Isabel
    Suburbs: Tabitha
    Small town: Vivian

    What do you think of the names you got? ♥

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    19 year old name addict

    Alice, Amelie, Eleanor, Elodie, Eloise, Esme, Eve, Felicity, Imogen, Ivy, June, Maeve, Olive, Phoebe, Violet
    Dashiell, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Felix, Finn, Henry, Hugo, Isaac, Jasper, Jude, Luke, Oliver, Samuel

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    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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