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    My first thoughts were Etta and Carolina--Carolina has a very similar feeling to Carina to me, I saw one site that said Carolina means "little feminine one", although I think the more usual translation is "free (wo)man"--Charlotte/Caroline/Carolina/etc. all stem from Charles, meaning "free man", and so that would transition to "free (wo)man" when the feminine variants. On another site I saw that Etta means "little one", which I think is cute. I don't know how reliable that is, but since Etta could be a nn for so many names (and the -ette ending in French is usually diminutive, like "my little ____"), it makes sense. I think Etta would be an adorable replacement!

    It doesn't have "little" in it, but I found a site that says Lena means "the bright one", and I think that's adorable and just so perfect! I love it.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you all for all the replies already, I appreciate it so much As far as sound over meanings, I really do love the meanings behind names, that might be a little weird but they truly mean a lot to me. I've been an etymology buff for as long as I can remember and I've always loved "collecting" meanings of names

    I have to say I absolutely love Capella, wow. I looked at it and seriously just kind of got butterflies in my tummy... or maybe that's just her, haha! I also like Serena and Selina/Selena (I like it this way a bit better - opinions?). Nina is cute, but I'm afraid it's a little short - maybe there's a name it could be a nickname of?

    I have thought about spelling it Karina instead, but it still just kind of unsettles me some Karenna sounds very pretty, and is not a name I've heard of before. I also like Carolina, and Etta and Lena are SO cute! Wow... I wasn't expecting so many ideas so fast Thank you all, again... now I'm even more lost but it's in a much better way!!! So here are all the names I'm considering now:

    Capella (Seriously... I really, really love this. Wow!)
    Etta (Ideas for a longer form?)
    Nina (Again, ideas for a longer form?)

    Thank you guys again, so so much... this website rocks!

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    If it makes you feel better about not using "Carina," the carina is an anatomical structure which in surgery we call "the crotch of the chest." There-- ruined any lingering attachment you had to the name.

    Capella is pretty, and many people will think it's related to the word chapel (as in a cappella), but it means she-goat, if that bothers you.

    Calandra (a lark, n Greek)
    Calantha (beautiful flower)
    Callista (most beautiful)
    Carissa (similar meaning- my beloved)
    Cassia (cinnamon)
    Celina (the moon goddess)
    Chiara (bright, famous)
    Clarissa (most bright)
    Cliona (a mythical Irish fairy queen)
    Corinna (maiden)
    Corinthia (from Corinth)
    Cynthia (from a particular mtn in Greece, sacred to Artemis)

    Same meaning:

    Carita (same name, but Scandinavian)
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    I would still name her Carina. I think the association would fade.
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    How about Caramia? Same nicknames, almost identical meaning.
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