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    Bruno - I've never met a Bruno, but I'd like to so I could form some type of opinion about the bearers of this name.

    Dexter - I like Dexter. I think it sounds clever and distinguished.

    Asher Roosevelt - Asher does seem to be getting pretty popular now. I like it, but actually prefer Archer.

    Darwin - I like Darwin a lot. I'm religious, but I love the sound of the name and I have a lot of respect for Charles.

    Quinton Waldo- Quinton is alright. I don't really love it, because it also reminds me of Orel Hershiser's son who goes by it because he's the 5th of the Orel name.

    Griffin - To be honest, it reminds me of Family Guy.

    Tennyson Radley - I love Tennyson, but I think of it primarily as a female name.

    Suggestions: Laszlo, Cato, Archer, Theodore (Theo), Balthazar, Orion, Corbin, Breccan, Everett, Harvey
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