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    Are these names too similar?

    I can't remember if I've already posted this question here, so forgive me if this is a repeat...

    Are the names Levi and Eli too similar? Our son's name is Levi, and we are currently expecting baby #2 in December (gender unknown). I really like the name Eli, but my husband thinks it sounds too much like Levi.

    I'm just looking for opinions on whether or not you think they sound too much alike, and if you think that would be a problem.
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    I think they sound too would be confusing. What about Ezra? Abram? Felix?

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    Yes-- Eli is simply Levi with one letter missing. And an identical ending sound. And an identical language of origin.

    Anything else on the list?
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    I do think Eli is much too similar to Levi. I think it could be a problem.

    I can just imagine someone calling for one child or the other and they both respond. The long 'e' an 'i' sounds are in the same positions.
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    I personally like them together!

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