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    I have a special place in my heart for a bit of whimsy!My sons name is Maddox Orion, and my daughters name is Arden Luna!

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    I like Jubilee, Scout and Onyx quite a bit.
    Alex ♥

    Bernadette Ivy . Beatrice Claudia . Indigo Charlotte

    Aubrey Lucian . Sinclair Julius. Lachlan Cordell

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    I adore whimsical names, but they always seem to take the backseat to the other names I love, for some reason. The only place a particularly whimsical name appears on my short list is as a middle name for Jillian, which is Magnolia. Jillian Magnolia has been on my list for ages, but other than that, whimsical names tend to stay on my long list. I still love them though.

    I love ; Jubilee, Winter, Dove, Glory, July, Galilee, and Scout.

    I know a girl named Stormy, and another girl named Stoney. My mother almost named me Autumn Raine or Autumn Skye.

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    I dont mind whimsical names even in the first name spot! so long as they're not overly out-there. Eg i would consider Willow whimsical but its growing in popularity i also think Sapphire, Hazel and Juniper are fine as first names. I also LOVE Fable! How cute!!! Middle names are a great place to show off your creativity i reckon. especially if you're a bit shy
    Expecting a baby GIRL!!! 19/3/2013

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    I absolutely love them! And I did use one. You can see in my signature. DD is at the top in purple. I didn't share the name with anyone before her birth, but we've gotten nothing but positive responses IRL.

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