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    Dove - my great-great aunt was a Toba in Yiddish, which means either "dove" or was a translation from the Hebrew Tova. My family can't actually agree which. She was a really cool lady. My sister wants to name a boy Tobias after her, going to down the Tova-translation fork in the road, so I thought it would be nice if I used Dove. (And Yonina, in Hebrew) So it's whimsical but not just-because? But I admit its weird.

    Marigold & Mariposa - keep circling back to these My husband's grandmother is a Marie, pronounced MAR-ee, not muh-REE. Whereas my own family has Goldies. Marigold is so sunny and happy. I debate using it as a first or not. Mariposa is on the same list. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to use Mariposa as a first, especially since we aren't really Spanish.

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