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    Whimsical Middles - What's one you'd consider? Have you heard any IRL?

    What is a whimsical middle name to you? What is a whimsical middle name you have heard used in real life? Is there one(s?) that you've considered using? Did you use a whimsical middle name? How have people reacted? Do you wish you had used one? Do you have one? Do you like it? What would you consider a good example of a whimsical middle name?

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    If I ever had another son his middle name would be Orion which I suppose is whimsical. =]

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    I used to want to use hippie middle names for my kids like Sunshine. But, then I didn't because it was too reminiscent of my childhood. My parents gave us ridiculous names growing up.
    “If you're going to say what you want to say, you're going hear what you don't want to hear.”
    ― Roberto Bolaño

    Mumma to V, A, and K.

    Current considerations:
    Miriam Cara Tatum Noel Marcia Vanna Marya Gail
    Roger Seth Cassius Harris Alexander

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    I think my daughters middle name would be Melisende or Winter. I am still not pregnant, so there's much more time to consider how to call my child.
    Elena, Claudia, Romilly, Melisende, Dahlia, Viola, Arabella, Serena, Melody, Freya, Morgana, Mercy, Mariella, Ramona, Maris, Layla, Roselyn, Viviette, Briony, Leta, Leda...
    This is my list of all girls names I like:

    Artur, Martin, Adam, Oliver, Robert, Edmund...

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    My whole name is Sorrel Fey de Danann Watts which is pretty full on... My daughter's name is Iris Ophelia. I really wanted to call her Ophelia as her fn but I was worried it would be too much and it kind of sounds like "I feel ya!" in a strong Aussie accent too, but I still wish I'd been more adventurous sometimes even though Iris really suits her. For next one I'm thinking of using Peregrine as the fn with Penn as a nn for a boy, still looking into girls names.
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    D? - due August... Peregrine Lyons or Aurelia ?????

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