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    This article may have some good names. :-)

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    flick Guest
    I would use certain word names in the middle - Meadow, Wren, Magnolia, Willow, Clover.....possibly even Rhapsody. Only in the middle, though - I'm naming a person, they deserve to have a substantial, real name to stand on as an adult.

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    I have Thisbe as a middle name for Violet, and I've loved it for so long. I really hope I get to use it one day! I like pairings with classic first names and whimsy middles. Another example would be Amos Leander, Henry Evander, Clara Persephone...
    Katie Charlotte.

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I love all the names listed so far, especially Thisbe, Clover, Lilac and Melisende. I'm pretty determined to use a whimsical name in the middle spot if and when I have a kid. I love Tigerlily, Tanith, Arrietty, Tanaquill, Circe, Umbrielle, Fay, Clary, Twyla and Bohemia at the moment. I would use Calico or Bellerose if they worked with my middle name.

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    A good friend of mine has the middle name "Stormy." Lots of parents don't like using names that denote "negativity" but it is so perfect for her, she wears it well!
    Can't get enough of these right now:

    Avilyn, Aldine, Clara, Dane, Ellis, Elise, Eden, Emerson, Grey, Hadley, Lydia, Lane, Lux, Marina

    Dane, Ezra, Everett, Finn, Flynn, Finley, Grey, Jameson, Jude, Lennox, Oakley

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