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    Smile Middle name suggestions for Bellamy and Hildegarde?

    Neither one is for an actual child. Bellamy doesn't go well with the last name and my boyfriend HATES Hildegarde, so both are just staying on my favorites list. I've thought about maybe Bellamy Violet or Bellamy Olive but I don't think I've found that perfect combination. I'm clueless with Hildegarde. What would you recommend? Thanks!

    By the way, both are for girls.
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    I really dislike Hildegard! Sorry.

    Bellamy is so sweet though. I think Bellamy would go well with a stronger middle.

    Bellamy Alexandra
    Bellamy Josephine
    Bellamy Sophronia
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    I have a friend with a little one named Bellamy Gemma, which I find adorable and strong. Have to agree with your BF on Hildegard. If it is a loved one you want to honor, I would move it to the middle name and find another first name you love.

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    I'm fond of Hildegarde, and of the many nicknames there: Hildy, especially. I like a brief, contrasting name with these
    Hildegarde Lane, Hildegarde Rae
    Bellamy Rose, Bellamy Silver
    Good luck!

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