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    First name help!

    We have a very slavic last name and are trying to come up with a first name that "goes" with the last name without being too complicated. Some options on the table are Anja, Hanna, and Mirja.

    Here are our considerations:

    Anja (I wouldn't mind spelling it with a "y" but my husband feels differently!)
    Pros: Very slavic, but familiar enough to Americans
    Cons: We have some friends who've named their daughters "Anya." It's just ego, but I feel like we're not being creative enough if we use a name that others we know have already chosen.

    Pros: Beautiful, goes very well with the middle name we've selected
    Cons: Hannah is number 25 on the list of most popular names! Even though we'd be spelling it differently, you don't hear the spelling when you hear the name!

    Pros: Well, we like it
    Cons: The middle name we've selected begins with an S, and our last name begins with a G. Is "MSG" too cruel a set of initials to give to a girl?

    Another thing to consider is that the middle name would be Susan after my husband's mother. I think Hanna goes best with Susan, for obvious reasons, but wonder how much I should really worry about this since the middle name is a family tribute and will rarely be seen/used in everyday life.

    Thoughts? Feedback? All would be welcome!

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    How do you pronounce Mirja? I don't think the MSG initials are of concern so if that's the only thing holding you back, go for Mirja!

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    Thanks! We'd pronounce it "Meer-ya"

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    All of the names you are considering sound Slavic, but can also be pronounced by English speakers, so I would go with the one you like best-- that seems to be Hanna. Because of the AN sounds in the other names, I think Mirja Susan sounds best together.

    Some other possibilities:


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    I like Mirja and Anja the best - although I understand your concern with your friend's child.

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