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    What is your opinion on the name Marguerite?

    1. Do you like or dislike this name?
    2. Would you use it as a first or middle?
    3. How do you pronounce it?

    mar-gə-REET, mar-GREET

    I prefer the first pronunciation. I find I am quite attracted to this name but can't decide if I like it enough to add it to my list.(I would add it as a middle)

    4. What names pair well with it? The only first names on my list that don't have fairly set middles are Eliza and Elise(I will only be using one.) Does Elise Marguerite sound too strong on the "ee" sound?
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    I kind of love this name. I pronounce it with three syllable way, and would probably use it for a mn. Although, as a first name, the nn Rita is really cute. Names that I think go well with it:
    Clara Marguerite
    Ava Marguerite

    Marguerite Claire
    Marguerite Blythe

    Or with two MNs:
    Anna Kate Marguerite
    Lucy Anne Marguerite
    Cora Marguerite Blair
    Ella Marguerite Pearl

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    I have a Grandmother named Marguerite and its my biological moms mn, I don't have the best association with it but I still think its a nice name, they prn it the first way.

    My bio-moms full name is Loraine Marguerite which I think has a nice sound.
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    I love the way it's pronounced but I strongly dislike it when I see it on looks too much like Marguerita/Margarita.


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    I pronounce is the first way, I never thought much of the name, but lately I've started to really like it! One of my best friends is named Eleanor Marguerite, I think they go well together.
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