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    I agree with mischa! Zoe Miriam or Avery Miriam would be my two choices.
    Another suggestion is Hadley Miriam.
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    Well I have an Avery Marie, so that is my pick To be honest, I wasn't all that keen on the rhymey first and middle but Marie is of family significance so that over-ruled. We also considered Piper, it is so cute!! Piper Marie or Piper Miriam both sound great. I know 5 little Zoe's, so it's very popular where I am from. Cute name though.

    Others I like that you may as well:

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    What about Harlow? Of your choices, I like Piper best, Zoe is a close second

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    I love Avery, Zoe would be my second choice.

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    I love Zoe Miriam! I had Zoe Miriam Elise on my own list for a while! I really, strongly dislike Piper and Avery is my favorite boys name. Delaney isn't my style, but I do think it is cute on a girl. Especially with the nn Laney. Delaney Marie and Delaney Miriam sound good.
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