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    Rebel Wilson and siblings

    I'm sure most people have heard of Rebel Wilson, she is an actress and comedienne.

    Her name has always intriged me so recently I googled her and found that she is one of four daugters and her siblings have similar names.

    and Annachi

    Just thought I should share...
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    Rebel sure is something, but Ryot and Annachi? This has to be the strangest sibset I've ever come across.

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    Ryot is a boy, according to IMDb. Still a very unusual name!

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    After extensive googling I have found that Rebel has 2 sisters (Liberty and Annachi) and a brother (Ryot). I have found that her full name is Rebel Melanie Elizabeth, apparently she and her siblings have one normal middle name and then one middle after royalty - she got the queen. It also seems that during her high school years she went be her middle name Elizabeth!

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    Poor Ryot and Annachi. The spelling on both is such an eyesore. Yikes.
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