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    My first name quiz! :) Featuring your likes, and many choices!

    Daughter #1:

    First Name:
    If one or more walls in your bedroom are the following color (in any shade):

    White: Blanche
    Green: Veronica
    Red: Raven
    Purple: Emmeline
    Pink: Arabella
    Blue: Maxine
    Orange: Tallulah
    Yellow: Delilah
    A Pattern: Schuyler
    None of the Above: Claire

    Middle Name:
    What do you usually drink with breakfast?:

    Coffee (hot or iced): Grace
    Tea (hot or cold): Faith
    Latte/Frappe/Mocha blah blah: Prudence
    Orange Juice: Blythe
    Apple Juice: Marie
    Cranberry Juice: Lynn
    Grape Juice: Rori
    A Different Juice (other than above): Nicole
    Water: Brynn
    Soda: Elizabeth
    Other/I don't eat breakfast: Jane

    Son #1:

    First Name:
    The type of house in which you currently reside (at least, what you would consider it):

    Apartment: Xander
    Condo: Owen
    Two-Story: Leonardo
    One-Story regular house: Bentley
    Three or more-Stories: Ryker
    Mobile Home: Waylen
    RV: Wyatt
    Split Level: Emmett
    Duplex/Triplex: Nicholas
    Other: Tobias

    Middle Name:
    The type of device that you are using to access this web page:

    Microsoft Laptop: Edward
    Microsoft Desktop: Rhett
    Apple Laptop: Preston
    Apple Desktop: Eli
    Tablet: Zachary
    Mobile Phone: Lucas
    Other: Tyler
    🎀❤️ Mama to Korra Jane 06/21/2017 ❤️🎀

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    🎀❤️ Mama to Korra Jane 06/21/2017 ❤️🎀

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    Daughter #1: Veronica Faith (9/10)
    Son #1: Xander Edward (7/10)

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